Norse Trousers

Consider the Norsemen: men of action, living a life on the move. Tough trousers were a must. Imagine the jeers and laughter if Eric Skullhammer had to leave the forefront of battle because his trousers had split! A warrior would never live that down. Fortunately for us, the Norse raiders lived a thousand years before these trousers that bear their name, because they would have carved a bloody path across the land to get them. At 52", the drawstring waist offers a comfortable fit, even if you've had a few extra helpings of roast boar and mead. The legs are full, and finished at the bottom with a 2" cuff closed with laces. A bonus: the cuff can be laced either just below the knee or at the ankle for versatility. They look as good with our Templar Tunics (Medieval) as they do with our Sea Dog Doublets (Renaissance).

Poplin. One size (52") at the waist. These pants run a little long; get the next size down from your normal size.

Cleaning instructions: Steal a new pair. It's the Viking way.

Price: $45.00