Shakespeare's Shirt for Men - White Pavilion Costumers
Shakespere's Shirt - A Renaissance Shirt for Men
Shakespere's Shirt - A Renaissance Shirt for Men

Shakespeare's Shirt

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Renaissance Drama: The Tale of a Shirt
Bedelia: Dearest, thou’rt the comeliest that e’er I saw in man’s array! Yet thou hast forgot thy doublet.
Sir Valorous: Fie, sweet one! I but desire thee to praise my new shirt. 'Tis verily of the finest. Behold the mother-of-pearl buttons--the noble ruffles at the cuffs and collar—do they not please thee? Doth it not suggest the fire and fancy of the poet, and the form of Hercules?
Bedelia: Thou speakest sooth! Very sooth! Valorous—
Valorous: Well, love?
Bedelia: Prithee, lock the door.
Chorus: Wash i’ cold water clear and fine; dry in the breeze upon yonder line.
Foole: Muslin, 'tis muslin of the finest!

Broadcloth: Cotton/polyester blend, shirtweight. Does not wrinkle, shrink or fade. Permanent press (warm wash, tumble dry low heat, remove promptly). Black, red, burgundy, navy, hunter, brown.

Brocade: Cotton plus various synthetic fibers, with same-color woven patterns, which will vary. Sturdy weight. Dry clean. Blue, hunter, burgundy.

Canvas:   Also called Duck Cloth. Stout cotton fabric with a coarse weave. Black, white, red, brown, or hunter green. Will fade like jeans. Cold wash, tumble dry low heat or line dry.

Fleece: Synthetic with velour-like drape; popular for outerwear. Good, practical substitute for wool. Black, burgundy, hunter green. Check for color availability before ordering; can vary with season. Washable, but dry cleaning is recommended to preserve the shape of capes.

Muslin:  Garment-quality, 100% cotton (not coarse utility muslin). Cold wash, line dry recommended. White or natural.

Poplin:  A cotton/polyester blend that does not wrinkle, shrink or fade. Heavier than shirtweight. Permanent press (warm wash, tumble dry low heat, remove promptly). Black, red, burgundy, navy, hunter.

Suede Cloth: A heavy, woven suede-like cloth of 100% polyester. Dry cleaning recommended.

Wool:   A natural fiber from sheep;   wool blends   include man-made fibers of various kinds. Holds colors well. Dry cleaning is recommended, but may be hand washed in cold water and dried flat. Do not wring. Never use hot water or a dryer. For seasonal storage, clean first and use the moth repellent of your choice.

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